I think I have blogged the "big" things that happened over the summer so I am going to round it out with a general hodgepodge.

Fun in the SPRINKLER!!

Foot Family Reunion

Kevin's FIRST temple trip!
Kevin turned 12 and immediately got his temple recommend so he could go do baptisms for the dead in the Provo temple. He got to go on a morning that his Grandpa Jensen was working in the baptistery and that was really special.

24th of JULY ~ Pioneer Day

Every year we go the pioneer celebration in the park that is run by the Provo missionaries. There are tons of games, food, booths, an old pioneer village and the museum. We all look forward to it.

Nate's Sleepover

Our good friends David and Rachel welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family this summer. On the day of her birth we got to have her big brother Nate come over. He was SO good and we had lots of fun.

Jason and Anne decided to make a movie this summer. We got to be extras and had lots of fun playing in the park while they worked :-)

Father Son Camp out
We drove home from Veges Friday morning, unloaded quickly and Kevin and Kevin headed up into the hills for a camp out with the men in our ward.

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Rachel said...

Fun, fun, fun! I'm glad you got around to the "hodgepodge" of stuff. Cute pictures of Nate and Clark, if I do say so myself...and I'm not even that biased. :)
Thank you again for watching him for us. I'm so glad he did so well! Hurray!