I am by NO MEANS a fine foods connoisseur. I am picky and a vegetarian and cheep and very under exposed to fine foods. That all said I have to talk about my 2 FAVORITE restaurants on the planet. PIZZERIA 712 and COMMUNAL our friend and neighbor Joseph McRae owns both these awesome places.

PIZZERIA 712 is wonderful and has been my favorite for the almost 2 years it has been open. The food is wonderful. Awesome, authentic style pizza, with a variety of classy, yummy toppings, REAL panini sandwiches and mouth watering deserts just to start the list. Everything is made from scratch, lots of local products (fruits, veggies, dairy, etc), and all cooked in a wood fired oven. PIZZERIA 712 is THE place I want to go to eat for any and every special occasion, even the occasions I create :-) I love the up scale but NOT stuck up feel of the place and ALL the people are so wonderful.

NOW these same awesome, talented, visionary people have opened a second place
Mom, Julie and I were SOOOO excited to go there after the women's broadcast on sat. We LOVED it!!!!!!!!!! It is all "family style" dinning (that means you order things to share). The food was all WONDERFUL! I loved that I could order just what I wanted and not have to say "could you make that with out____" or "please do not add ___" :-) The food options are familiar, comfortable things but done in a delicious and classy way. We all loved every item we ordered! The feel of COMMUNAL is great to. Very comfortable and nice. Oh and as someone who ALWAYS is FREEZING in restaurants and hates that ~ It was so nice to feel comfortable climate wise.
These are THE BEST restaurants ANYPLACE!! Ok I know I am totally biased but I really do LOVE eating at both of them.


amanda said...

I totally agree, Joy! What foods did you get?

Rachel said...

we'll have to check them out!

Joey said...

thanks joy:)

Jen said...

That's for the great post, Joy. I agree with everything you said :)

Kevin & Joy Herring said...

We got the grilled peach salad, the salt roasted potatoes and the potatoes with leaks (SO YUMMY), the corn (EXCELLENT), the squash and 2 deserts, the chocolate one and the creamy custard one. I really did love everything we got :-)

Sara said...

Weird for the first time i ate at both these places in March. Really liked both.