Tom Sawyer

Jason did a production of Tom Sawyer this fall. It was designed to help kids develop an interest in classic literature and it was really fun. They performed at the Orem library, took it to several local schools and spent a weekend performing in Park City. Everyone in the cast did a great job!! They had 6 or so performances at the Orem library and we went to most of them :-) It was really fun to be in a close setting and have the action happening all around us.
In the part where Tom gets the town kids to white wash the fence for him they had kids from the audience go up and give Tom their trinkets, then take a turn "white washing". Kevin and Scott got to go up on nights I had my camera but Sarah also had a turn on another night.

Jason played Huckleberry Finn. He has been growing out his hair with this part as his excuse for months :-)
The cast was just 5 people so they each played a couple of rolls. Along with Huck Finn Jason was also Judge Thatcher.
The young lady that played Becky Thatcher was really cute. Collette loved her even wanted her hair in braids when we went to the show so they would match.
It was a really well done and fun production and we enjoyed it each time we saw it!

Ice Skating

We singed Kevin and Sarah up for Ice Skating classes this fall. Both of them had been skating at the Peak Arena for different events and really enjoyed skating, so we thought it would be a fun adventure. They had a really great time learning how to not kill themselves on the ice :-) They had weekly lessons that the little kids and I watched and Collette became very interested in trying it out for herself. We asked grandma to hang out with Clark one day and I took the oldest 3 to the open skate for the afternoon. We had so much fun! I had not been skating since I was about 12 and I was terrible then, so I was nervous. Kevin and Sarah were great about showing Collette and I the different ways to get around, how to stop and all the fun things they had learned in their lessons. We really enjoyed ourselves on the ice and Coco did great! Kevin, Sarah and Collette are all singed up again for lessons after the holidays and they can't wait!


The October outing for Utah Virtual Academy was at Cornbelly's. We had soooo much fun. I knew I would not be a nice person if I took my 4 and Scott and Jessica alone ~ Yeah for grandparents!!!!!
I asked my parents if they would like to come with us and they are so awesome that they did. There were so many fun things to do and we (or some portion of us) did them all!

General Conference

I love General Conference for lots of reasons! One of the many things I like to do is put together a packet of activities for my kids to help them (and me) focus and get more out of the sessions. I found some really great activity packets and wanted to share them with you ~ ENJOY!

LDS Resources Activity Packet

Sugardoodle Conference Cards

Meridian Magazine Conference Notebook


I am by NO MEANS a fine foods connoisseur. I am picky and a vegetarian and cheep and very under exposed to fine foods. That all said I have to talk about my 2 FAVORITE restaurants on the planet. PIZZERIA 712 and COMMUNAL our friend and neighbor Joseph McRae owns both these awesome places.

PIZZERIA 712 is wonderful and has been my favorite for the almost 2 years it has been open. The food is wonderful. Awesome, authentic style pizza, with a variety of classy, yummy toppings, REAL panini sandwiches and mouth watering deserts just to start the list. Everything is made from scratch, lots of local products (fruits, veggies, dairy, etc), and all cooked in a wood fired oven. PIZZERIA 712 is THE place I want to go to eat for any and every special occasion, even the occasions I create :-) I love the up scale but NOT stuck up feel of the place and ALL the people are so wonderful.

NOW these same awesome, talented, visionary people have opened a second place
Mom, Julie and I were SOOOO excited to go there after the women's broadcast on sat. We LOVED it!!!!!!!!!! It is all "family style" dinning (that means you order things to share). The food was all WONDERFUL! I loved that I could order just what I wanted and not have to say "could you make that with out____" or "please do not add ___" :-) The food options are familiar, comfortable things but done in a delicious and classy way. We all loved every item we ordered! The feel of COMMUNAL is great to. Very comfortable and nice. Oh and as someone who ALWAYS is FREEZING in restaurants and hates that ~ It was so nice to feel comfortable climate wise.
These are THE BEST restaurants ANYPLACE!! Ok I know I am totally biased but I really do LOVE eating at both of them.


I think I have blogged the "big" things that happened over the summer so I am going to round it out with a general hodgepodge.

Fun in the SPRINKLER!!

Foot Family Reunion

Kevin's FIRST temple trip!
Kevin turned 12 and immediately got his temple recommend so he could go do baptisms for the dead in the Provo temple. He got to go on a morning that his Grandpa Jensen was working in the baptistery and that was really special.

24th of JULY ~ Pioneer Day

Every year we go the pioneer celebration in the park that is run by the Provo missionaries. There are tons of games, food, booths, an old pioneer village and the museum. We all look forward to it.

Nate's Sleepover

Our good friends David and Rachel welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family this summer. On the day of her birth we got to have her big brother Nate come over. He was SO good and we had lots of fun.

Jason and Anne decided to make a movie this summer. We got to be extras and had lots of fun playing in the park while they worked :-)

Father Son Camp out
We drove home from Veges Friday morning, unloaded quickly and Kevin and Kevin headed up into the hills for a camp out with the men in our ward.