Not selling myself short

So Modbe is offering a cruise to it's top consultants. For the first couple weeks after it was announced I was on the fence about how I felt. Sure it would be fun but I really don't like to set myself up for failure and would hate to let myself think, dream, plan for it and then not get it. Then I thought THAT IS A REALLY BAD ATTITUDE! I really do believe that we make our own destinies SO..... KEVIN AND JOY ARE GOING ON A CRUISE! I am going to do all I can and earn this. The more I thought about it the more excited I became. We always have had kids with us if we went someplace and that is great, we love being with our kids but....

So IF you have been eyeing a new Modbe swimsuit or a pair of Jeans or anything else NOW would be a great time to call me and we will put a party together! You get FREE stuff and I will know I have truly done my all and be content with the outcome :)


Every year for Easter we split the fun into 2 great days. We have Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday. On Easter Saturday we all get together, color Easter eggs (a lot of them), fill plastic eggs with candy (even more of them) and have a huge, crazy, Easter egg hunt. This year because it was wet, cold and yucky outside we split the hunt into little kids and big kids and had it in grandpa and grandmas living room. There were 9 kids under 12 and then Joe and Amber too :)

We had fun with our egg creations and we all ate WAY too much candy

Then on Easter Sunday I break out the new Easter outfits. I am pretty laid back about letting people choose their own clothing, etc. EXCEPT on Easter :) I get to choose and every one gets to smile and be nice. I also get to take as many pictures as I want and they can not say a thing. At this point in history everyone has this routine down quite nicely and I am a happy mommy overall.

Take me out to the ball game!

We were given tickets to the Bees baseball game through Kevin's work. It was chilly and a bit windy but the kids were excited to go.

Hooray for Cotton Candy!

We had fun even though some of the people around us pushed the boundary for heckling into rude and obnoxious.

When Clark hears "Smile" this is what you get :)