Our little baby is now 2 years old! Clark is a great kid. He loves to laugh and play. He loves to cuddle. He is not always very soft with others. Clark loves balls, playing outside, Batman, animals (especially dogs), any kind of "sword", stuffed animals, dressing up (shoes are his favorite), brushing his teeth, and did I mention Batman. He loves his older siblings and always wants to play with them. He loves his aunt Anne and anything from her has extra value. Clark loves to go out and do anything and everything. He talks a lot and can almost always get his message across. He love going to nursery on Sunday, his teachers love him and say he is SOOO good in class. Clark likes to put nice clothes and do his hair and be told he his handsome. We love our little Clark and are so grateful to have him in our family!

Aunt Julie did a perfect job on Clark's cake. It was the perfect combination of two of his favorite things and he REALLY liked it!

We had so much fun celebrating Clark's birthday with our family at Grandpa and Grandma Jensen's. It was great to watch as he really understood what presents were, that he got to open them, that inside were things for him. Clark is a wonderful little man and we love him.

Collette is 4!

Collette turned 4 on Feb. 5th. She has been planing her cake with aunt Julie for months now and was very excited to see it. Julie did a great job and Collette LOVED it.

Collette is all princess, in so many ways. She loves to dress up, do her hair, paint her nails, and in general look beautiful. Collette also believes that she should be in charge of every one and that they should all do her bidding. She is very helpful and is happy to do things for others. She loves her brothers and sister and often tells them "you are my best friend". Collette loves her cousins and is always excited to spend time with them. She is very determined and when she sets her mind to something it is hard to change it. She love to dance and sing. Collette loves to watch movies and can tell you details you would not expect from a 4 year old. She is and always will be my baby with the beautiful hair and we all love her very much!