We had so much fun for Halloween! We all love to carve pumpkins but in years past it has ended up being a very long process with 4 little kids :) This year was a lot of fun. Kevin and Sarah were able and willing (always a great combo) to clean and carve their own pumpkins. With the older kids leading the way Collette and Clark really got into it all and we had a great time. Kevin love to use carving patterns and every year has a new collection. The kids each choose the design they wanted and we all set to work.

Kevin Lee chose to do a dragon that he needed some help with but between Dad and Kevin Lee it really turned out great!

Sarah chose Minnie Mouse. She did ALL the carving herself and was very proud of how it turned out!

Collete loved that Daddy had found some Disney princess patterns and chose Cinderella. Daddy did all the carving but Collette did a great job supervising.

Clark got an original design by Mommy. He was very excited when we lit the candle and the face lit up. When we told him it was time to blow out the candle and go to bed he blew it out and then gave his Jack -O- Lantern a kiss good night. It was really darling.

And Kevin did a very intricate Wolf. He took his to work and even won a prize for his carving skills.

We also did some carving with our Colby and Jensen cousins at Michael and Karen's house. We had fun decorating some small pumpkins Joe provided, they were left over decorations from the Singles ward party. THANKS UNCLE JOE!

So in the end we had quite a pumpkin collection and lots of fun to remember!
Dressing up is the number one favorite part of Halloween for the Herring kids. They all had great costumes and really had fun with who they were for the day.

Kevin - Caveman Sarah - Cavegirl

Collette - Swan Princess Clark - Dinosaur
AKA Candyasaurus