Kelly's Kreations

A friend of mine has a new site featuring her BEAUTIFUL jewelry and I wanted to share it with everyone.
Kelly's Kreations Are so wonderful, very classy and high quality. They are great gifts for every occasion or for that matter why wait for an occasion :) Take a look and see all the great stuff she has.


We had a wonderful Christmas!

Opening gifts was so fun. Clark really understood this year and was so cute to watch !Collette is all princess and she felt very royal with a new dress up dress, shoes, crown & jewelry!Sarah added to her LARGE collection of porcelain dolls.
Kevin loves to play football with the guys at school and daddy found him this new ball. It was a good thing the BYU vs UTAH game was a bit ago he is so "BLUE" that he would not even wear red after that.
In the afternoon we all went over to Jensen's again and had tons of fun playing together and just hanging out.

Colbys brought their new Wii and every one played (when they could get the daddies to share).

Clark and Ben even got in on the electronics and shared some tunes on the Ipod.

Grandma is always there when a sleepy head needs to cuddle, and to take care of every ones needs and wants.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we all got together at Grandpa and Grandma Jensen's house. Grandpa read about the birth of Christ from Luke, we also read a story about Grandpa Kaye when he was in WWII and he sought to keep the spirit with him (thanks Ami). Then some people shared their testimonies of the savior and his gospel. It was a special evening. Grandma made PJ's for the grand kids and they all got to open them and put them on. They all looked really cute!
We have a great family and feel very blessed to have so many close to us and a part our daily lives.

Getting 9 kids to all look the same place is NOT easy!