Playing Catchup!

Well like every other journal I have started in my life I have fallen off the wagon with our family blog. I really do love having the blog and sharing a bit of our world with our family and friends but life happens.... So I have been playing catchup and I think I have covered the highlights. I am recommitting and will try to do a better job at splitting my computer time between blogging and Facebook which I fully admit I am addicted to.

KEVIN LEE is 12!!!

On June 27th Kevin Lee Herring III turned 12 years old!!! Kevin is a wonderful young man. He is a great big brother, smart, responsible, loving, talented, faithful, funny, intense and over all he rocks!
For Kevin's birthday we had some of his friend come to the park with us and we had a Pizza and Ice Cream, all you can eat buffet. We played games, hung out and had fun and lots of food.

For the Jensen Party Kevin gave Julie a run for her money :-) When she asked him what he wanted for his cake he started with one of his favorite flippant answers "Monkeys". With the help of his uncles, father and cousins this quickly evolved into monkey brains and then became frozen monkey brains as in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the worst of the Indiana Jones movies). Well Julie took on the ridiculous idea and the results were awesome.

Not only did the monkey cake have frozen "brains" inside it was home made mint chocolate chip ice cream colored blue!
So we had LOTS of fun with Kevin as he celebrated his 12th birthday!

The day after his birthday he graduated from primary! When the bishop had him go up on the stand I was a little misty eyed to think that he was so grown up. Kevin also had the chance to meet with our bishop and was presented to the ward as a young man worthy to receive the priesthood and become a Deacon. Then I went from misty eyed to dripping! We are SO incredibly proud of the young man Kevin Lee is becoming and we are grateful he is choosing to follow the Lord. Kevin was ordained to the Arronic Priesthood by his father with his grandfather and uncles in the circle. We love you Kevin.

Kevin 35!

On June 21st Kevin turned 35! We are so lucky to have him as our husband and father! Kevin loves us, takes care of us, provides for us, plays with us, and is wonderful!

Kevin asked Julie to make him a Transformers cake for the Jensen birthday party. She did a great job with the spliced logo of the Dicepticons and Autobots. Plus it was yummy to eat even if it did have a million holes in it from candles :-)
Kevin asked for fishing gear for his birthday and boy did the Fam. deliver! Joe got him a nice pole and open face reel. Colbys got him a tackle box and "tools". Jason and Anne got him a Disney Princess kiddy rod! and then they gave him his real gift of a tackle bok and hooks and lures. We had fun and will have many more hours of fun through out the summer!

Freedom Acedemy

Our family has been a part of Freedom Academy charter school for the past 6 years. Kevin started the year they opened as a 1st grader and Sarah joined him 3 years latter. I also worked with the lunch program there for 3 years. We have had so many wonderful experiences there and made some wonderful friends.

This year the kids had a FANTASTIC music teacher named Mrs. Chock. She really helped the kids love music in a variety of ways. One of the many things she did was teach the kids dances that they presented at the end of the year.

Kevin learned the Pasadoble and really had fun with it.

Sarah learned a folk dance and did really well.

Kevin and Sarah also were a part of the track club after school and really enjoyed it. They got to have a big meet at the end of the year on the Provo High track field. They both did several events and did very well at them.

Through MUCH though, research, pondering, prayer, tears and heavenly guidance we have decided to go another rout with schooling. We will miss many people from our time at Freedom Academy. We are excited for our new adventures and are SO grateful for a Father in Heaven who cares so much and really will help with every decision in our lives.


Both Sarah Collette take dance at Jive ~ A Dancer Place. Every year Jive has a huge concert. The girls have a full dress rehearsal on Thur. then 2 shows on Fri. and 3 shows on Sat. !!! It is an insane weekend in a really good way!

This was Sarah's 7th concert with Jive so she is an old hat at it she has become a very good dance and really has fun with it!

This was Collette's 2nd concert. She was one of the "older" dancers in her class. She LIVES for the concerts. She LOVES the hours of hair, make up, costumes, etc. When she gets on stage ALL her attitude comes out and really finds its moment to shine.

In case the weekend was not crazy enough it was also a womens retreat for our ward, Kevin and Sarah both had acting auditions and most important KEVIN AND JOY'S 12th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!


On May 3rd Sarah turned 9 years old! Sarah is amazing, loving, sweet, talented, caring, considerate, beautiful, smart, funny, and just a tinny bit blond :-)We had a house full of friends from church and school over to celebrate with us. It was all girls except one boy ~ "the only decent boy in my class"! We had lots of fun!

We also had our traditional Jensen party at Grandpa and Grandma's house. Sarah requested an ice cream and brownie cake with NO FROSTING! As always aunt Julie delivered beautifully!