Tom Sawyer

Jason did a production of Tom Sawyer this fall. It was designed to help kids develop an interest in classic literature and it was really fun. They performed at the Orem library, took it to several local schools and spent a weekend performing in Park City. Everyone in the cast did a great job!! They had 6 or so performances at the Orem library and we went to most of them :-) It was really fun to be in a close setting and have the action happening all around us.
In the part where Tom gets the town kids to white wash the fence for him they had kids from the audience go up and give Tom their trinkets, then take a turn "white washing". Kevin and Scott got to go up on nights I had my camera but Sarah also had a turn on another night.

Jason played Huckleberry Finn. He has been growing out his hair with this part as his excuse for months :-)
The cast was just 5 people so they each played a couple of rolls. Along with Huck Finn Jason was also Judge Thatcher.
The young lady that played Becky Thatcher was really cute. Collette loved her even wanted her hair in braids when we went to the show so they would match.
It was a really well done and fun production and we enjoyed it each time we saw it!

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