KEVIN LEE is 12!!!

On June 27th Kevin Lee Herring III turned 12 years old!!! Kevin is a wonderful young man. He is a great big brother, smart, responsible, loving, talented, faithful, funny, intense and over all he rocks!
For Kevin's birthday we had some of his friend come to the park with us and we had a Pizza and Ice Cream, all you can eat buffet. We played games, hung out and had fun and lots of food.

For the Jensen Party Kevin gave Julie a run for her money :-) When she asked him what he wanted for his cake he started with one of his favorite flippant answers "Monkeys". With the help of his uncles, father and cousins this quickly evolved into monkey brains and then became frozen monkey brains as in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (the worst of the Indiana Jones movies). Well Julie took on the ridiculous idea and the results were awesome.

Not only did the monkey cake have frozen "brains" inside it was home made mint chocolate chip ice cream colored blue!
So we had LOTS of fun with Kevin as he celebrated his 12th birthday!

The day after his birthday he graduated from primary! When the bishop had him go up on the stand I was a little misty eyed to think that he was so grown up. Kevin also had the chance to meet with our bishop and was presented to the ward as a young man worthy to receive the priesthood and become a Deacon. Then I went from misty eyed to dripping! We are SO incredibly proud of the young man Kevin Lee is becoming and we are grateful he is choosing to follow the Lord. Kevin was ordained to the Arronic Priesthood by his father with his grandfather and uncles in the circle. We love you Kevin.

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